The Note 9 S Pen button does not work remotely : How to fixes for common problems

So you want to know The Note 9 S Pen button does not work remotely, How to fixes for common problems. Today we are here with Detail guide on Fix the problem on S Pen.

One of the main, Faviriot and unique functions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the stylus known as the S Pen. This time, the S Pen has come with so many new features, including the ability to remotely use the button built into the stylus as a remote control for various functions. This is possible thanks to the Bluetooth connection between the pen and the smartphone. But this doesn’t always go as planned. If suddenly your S Pen stops working, don’t go running to Samsung immediately, because the solution is simple!

How to fixes for common problems

This problem might have something to do with a software switch that is accidentally switched off.

  1. Check in the Quick Settings section to make sure that S Pen Remote use isn’t disabled.
  2. If you can’t find the button,
  3. go to Settings 
  4. Advanced features 
  5. S Pen 
  6. S Pen Remote and
  7. activate the switch at the top.

I hope to use to understand all about the Note 9 S Pen button does not work remotely: How to fixes for common problems8. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box.  We can solve your problem.

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